Volume 1, Number 2
Autumn 2016

By Penny Pig

Greetings Friends of the Trough, and welcome to ATL’s autumn ’16 edition of Penny’s Pals, our online newsletter for all things Trough, where Penny Pig highlights the wit and good works of our Friends of the Trough participants, and their hungry-for-change pigs.

Friends of the Trough donors have adopted over one hundred penny pigs since we launched the program at our June 4th bike event. The August 28th wine tasting added thirty-three new pig parents to the program and our November 5th bowling event brought even more friends to the trough.

Make Pigs Great Again

At the bowling event we caught up with new pig parent Kathi Mc. just moments after she adopted “The Donald,” easily the most querulous pink pig at the event. Ever curious, your correspondent queried Ms. Mc. on the name choice for her pig.

“Well,” she said, “he’s a pig, he’s full of money, and he tends to step in $&!#.”

“Seriously though, I saw all of those pigs sitting out at bowling, and remembered that I’ve got a zip lock bag full of change at home. I can easily fill The Donald, and then do it again.”

And we hope you do just that! We wish all the best to Kathi Mc. and The Donald.

Wine and Swine

Speaking of making pigs great again, Throughies will be pleased to know that “Couch Stain Coffee Pants,” a fine show-me-the-money barrow, is on the mend at ATL’s penny pig healthcare and repair clinic.

Generous Friend of the Trough supporter Derek Langford had stuffed Couch Stain so full of quarters that the poor beast burst prior to the wine tasting event. Happily Couch Stain and his contents were safely transported to the event and returned to ATL via a sturdy assistive plastic bag.

And while we don’t expect our trough friends to give till it hurts, a special big pig hug and shout out to Derek, Couch Stain and that wonderful bag full of money.

Couch Stain Coffee Pants wasn’t the only pig who returned to ATL’s trough at the wine tasting event.
Rosa, a portly pretty-in-pink, was the first ATL penny pig to cross the finish line home after having been adopted by Sherry P. at the bike event in June. We talked to Sherry about Rosa and her quick return to ATL.

“It was with great satisfaction that I was able to turn Rosa in when I did,” Sherry said. “And she’s almost full again.”

Rosa’s name reflects Sherry’s pig parent pride and an on-going theme present in her charitable giving.

“Rosa is named after a bike I took to Peru to donate as a prize for a youth cycling race. I named that bike Rosalita” Sherry said.

“I think what ATL does as an organization is wonderful and I’m in full support of it” she said. “I will continue to support ATL.”

Thank you for your continued support Sherry! Because of people like you the Friends of the Trough program works well, and has raised hundreds of dollars for women in need.

Pig Pins

Rosa and lots of other penny pigs were on the move at the wine tasting event; indeed a palatable plentitude of pretty porkers plopped into permanent pens that day. Among the lucky adoptees were “See More” and “Kevin Bacon,” who went home with Molly Barden and Amy Coffey. We spoke with Ms. Barden at the bowling event in November.

“I picked a clear pig and named her See More, as in feed me” Ms. Barden said. “Amy picked a pink pig, Kevin Bacon, and we both went for the 1194 super vintage versions – we thought that was funny.”

Ms. Barden and Ms. Coffey muck about in the Friend Trough with impressive enthusiasm, fostering penny pigs and taking adoption papers to offer to people who can’t make it to ATL events.

“We have See More and Kevin sitting out at the house so people can see them” Ms. Barden said. “People ask about our pigs, and we tell them. We think Friends of the Trough is a great idea.”
Ms. Barden and Ms. Coffey have adopted out three of their foster ATL penny pigs since they joined Friends of Trough.

“We gave an ATL penny pig to one woman who is so serious about naming her pig she hasn’t gotten the adoption papers back to us yet” she said.

“Friends of the Trough is an easy way to donate to a phenomenal cause.”

Big happy trough hug to the Barden-Coffey, See More-Kevin clan for contributing so much to the success of Friends of the Trough!

While we chatted away with Ms. Barden at the bowling event, a solid stampede of penny pigs left the ATL trough, and Wendy Acheson was at the front of the line to adopt cuddly Winifred, a shy pretty-in-pink variety with a winsome demeanor. We asked Ms. Acheson about her decision to adopt a Winifred.
“Why not take an ATL pig” Ms. Acheson said. “Everyone wants to help out, and how easy is it to drop a few dollars or coins into a cute pig? Friends of the Trough is an endless and easy way to give.”
Brava! And thank you Wendy for so clearly articulating our thoughts exactly on Friends of the Trough.
Ok Troughies, time to latch the pen on this installment of Penny’s Pals. See you next time when we will again highlight more tales from the trough. Until then remember what the trough mouse said: feed your pigs, feed your pigs, feed your pigs.

PigCoinsIt’s Time to Release Your Inner Pig

The ATL Foundation Announces Fun New Giving Option

By Stacey Beckman

On June 4th during ATL’s annual bike ride and scavenger hunt we launched Friends of the Trough, a new giving option where you will be able to help us help women in our community by contributing your pocket change to Penny Pig, your own personal ATL piggy bank.

ATL’s Penny Pigs come in two fetching styles, opaque Pretty in Pink, and translucent, Show Me the Money. Simply choose your style, fill your pig, and return her to ATL when she’s stuffed with pocket change and ready to help a lesbian in need.

Program Overview


Friends of the Trough is creating quite a buzz so weíve decided to include these FAQs to help you get started with your Penny Pig.

Q: Wow, I love Penny Pig and ATLís new Friends of the Trough giving option. Do you girls just sit around all day and night and think up this stuff?


Q: I think it’s great that Penny Pig will debut at the bike ride scavenger hunt on June 4, but how do I return my Penny Pig once she’s full?
(P.S. I’m going for Pretty in Pink; she’s classy. Show Me the Money is such a show off!)

Whether you choose Pretty in Pink or Show Me the Money, you can turn your personal Penny Pig in at any ATL event, or you can contact the ATL Board via our website and we’ll arrange to retrieve your full-to-the-brim Penny. Look for a link to “Penny’s Pals” coming to our website soon.

Q: Pretty in Pink is a pretty pig alright, but I also like Show Me the Money’s flashy hubris. May I have one of each?

Indeed you may! Two hundred Penny Pigs (one hundred of each variety) recently arrived at the ATL trough, and we are eager to get them out into the community, and into your generous hands.

Q: Earlier you said that Penny debuted at the ATL Foundation bike scavenger hunt on June 4th. I’m more a BINGO kind of gal. Can one of my biking friends pick up a Penny Pig for me at the scavenger hunt?

Of course! We only ask that in taking a Penny Pig you commit to returning her, full of course, within a reasonable time-frame that works for you.
And if your friend doesn’t follow through, you can get a Penny Pig at any ATL event, or by contacting the ATL Board through our website.

Q: The Friends of the Trough promotion sounds really fun, and several of my co-workers and family members would like to participate. That’s ok, right?

It’s better than ok! We love it! The more Penny Pigs that ATL has in the community gathering change, the more we can help lesbians in ill health
change their lives. One of our corporate donors has already agreed to set a few Penny Pigs out at his office. We think that’s a great idea.

Q: I’m a recent college grad and I enjoy attending ATL events. I really respect and admire the good work the ATL Foundation does for women in our community.
I want to be more involved, but I donít have a job in my field yet, so right now the Friends of the Flock sustained giving program seems a little out of reach.
But filling a Penny Pig (I’ll take a Show Me the Money) seems really easy.

Thanks for your honest and thoughtful remarks, recent grad. Filling a Penny Pig is easy! At the ATL Foundation we take an egalitarian view of philanthropy:
it’s the act of giving, at whatever level, that matters to us. We can’t wait to get your filled Show Me the Money Penny Pig back, and we are glad that
you’ll be participating in Friends of the Trough during your job search. Good luck!

Q: Friends of the Trough seems like a cool way to teach my kids about the value of money and the importance of helping others. I’ll take one each of Pretty in Pink and Show Me the Money.

Thank you! And we agree with you. Caring about the welfare of others is right and natural, and Penny Pig is a great way for kids, grand-kids, nieces and nephews to contribute and begin to develop a sense of philanthropy ís important role in creating a just and decent society.

Q: Hey, I’m a competitive runner and nothing spurs a gal on like competition. ATL should have a contest and track which one of the two Penny Pig types brings in the most money.

Hey runner, great idea. Look for the “Penny’s Pals” update in our emails and on our website, where weíll track donations for the Friends of the Trough promotion, and do other cool things like highlight and recognize Penny’s donors.

Q: I have a super smart cat who is really conservative with her money. She would like to participate in Friends of the Trough, but was hoping for a calico Penny Pig. Are there any plans to expand the Penny Pig design choices?

At this time we don’t anticipate adding a calico pig to the line-up. Of course that could change in the future, but in the interim we encourage you to get creative with your Penny! Again, we’ll highlight your efforts and all aspects of the Friends of the Trough giving program through “Penny’s Pals” on our website and through our emails.

Q: I love ATL’s bike scavenger hunt and I participate every year. This year I’d like a Show Me the Money Pig to ride along with me. Do the scavenger hunt
rules allow for this?

Yes, but to ensure that you and your Show Me the Money Penny Pig start your relationship on the right note we highly recommend that you procure a padded seat for her prior to the ride. Yeow-ch!

Q: I’m a competitive Lacrosse player and I agree with Ms. Runner. The contest between Pretty in Pink and Show Me the Money to see which piggy brings home the most bacon seems fun, but we want more.

Done! How about this: the first ATL supporter who turns in a full Penny Pig will receive free admission for two to the ATL event of her choice during the 2016 giving season. Our events are a blast and a great way to get out and meet new people, or hang out with old friends, while you do something good for women in our community. Remember to keep up with Friends of the Trough by reading your ATL emails and checking “Penny’s Pals” on our website.

And look for the regular “Penny’s Corner” feature in our annual newsletter for yearly wrap-ups and new Friends of the Trough initiatives.

“Pretty in Pink” vs “Show Me the Money” competition

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